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Andrea C. Hoffmann studied psychology and journalism in Leipzig and Florence and graduated in media studies at Leipzig University. She did voluntary work for the Frankfurter Rundschau and worked freelance for a number of german and swiss newspapers and magazines like Geo, Merian, Zeit, Berliner Zeitung, Allegra and marieclaire.

Since 2004 she is Middle East specialist as a foreign correspondent for the german newsmagazine Focus. She published many reportages from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Irak, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt as well as African and Latin-American countries.

Andrea C. Hoffmann lived in the USA, France, Spain, Italy, Nicaragua and Iran. She fluently speaks English, Spanish, Italian, French, Dari and Farsi and has basic knowledge of Arabic. She teaches at several universities, including Hochschule Mannheim, Swiss-German-University in Jakarta, Ilmenau University of Technology and Macromedia-Hochschule in Munich.